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Boost Build Notes

Boost will be a project in the CMake build, but until then, the SCIRun Qt prototype requires Boost 1.49 or greater.


  • Make sure that Python and bzip2 development libraries are installed.
  • Local Boost 1.50.0 build on CIBC3 (for example, the local build was installed in /home/sci/ayla/devel/cibc3/boost)
 ./ --prefix=/home/sci/ayla/devel/cibc3/boost
 ./b2 -d2 --prefix=/home/sci/ayla/devel/cibc3/boost variant=release link=static threading=multi cxxflags="-fPIC" cflags="-fPIC" install
  • If the install path is in a system directory, run the b2 install command with sudo.
  • When configuring the CMake project for the prototype, change Boost_INCLUDE_DIR to the Boost install directory include location (in this case, /home/sci/ayla/devel/cibc3/boost/include), and configure again. The Boost library should then be populated with the correct libraries from the local Boost install directory.