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SCIRun Redesign User Input


  • key parameters in networks, environment need to be findable and available in UI
  • expose network XML, or at least key network info (modules, file paths, gui vars...)
    • better network parameter editing
    • maybe a network wizard?
    • show what files are being used, network file name
  • more example nets
  • more documentation, more sample networks (very useful for demonstrating module functionality)
  • undo
  • must work with clipboard (through Qt support?)
  • search modules, networks for keywords
    • see Matlab descriptors at the top of source files as an example
    • when searching for modules, can we have the option of searching within the module text (i.e. search module GUI component names, variable names etc.)
  • error reporting should not kill SCIRun
    • For example, if you end up with an empty field in your network, and you have a bounding box displayed for that field, the bounding box calculation asserts that the diagonal is zero and aborts the program, which is bad. Instead, an error should be displayed and the user should be able to change the network to fix the problem.
  • port colors: change intensities, not just colors
    • get updated palette from Nathan
  • standardize field names etc.
    • i.e. interpolation: source -> target, object -> target, source -> object
  • support for transparent background in images or movies (image library)
  • image or movie resolution options (can we generate higher resolution images than displayed?)
  • first time use window


  • select (highlight with mouse?) and copy multiple modules - connections between modules will have to be propagated as well
  • adjust GUI scale so it doesn't flow over bottom of screen
  • collapse network preview window
  • zoom or center network in editor
  • hover or hot key to expose some module parameters
  • side pane to expose some module parameters
    • expose important dataset parameters too (size, dims, data info etc.)
  • easier way to do notes
    • copy notes with modules
    • easy way to edit or clear notes
    • easy way to manipulate note location
    • render text on top of pipes
  • better graph layout algorithms?
    • look into graphviz, others?
    • line up modules
    • expose-like (OS X)


  • halt network without killing SCIRun
  • stop module in network


  • subnets must work (currently broken) - should be an easy select and create operation in GUI
  • offer common network fragments as subnets (i.e. ShowField, ColorMap etc., ViewScene)
  • better views for subnets: dockable widgets, tabs etc.
  • duplicate entire subnet
  • import network into other network
    • choice to import as subnet or register network
    • choice to save subnet as separate file