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NOTE: These directions are now out of date; sorry (see CIBC:Documentation:SCIRun:Installation).

Subversion (SVN)

Note: You only need to use Subversion if you wish to get the latest (unstable) SCIRun development tree. If you want the latest stable release of SCIRun, please go here

Getting Subversion

The current SCIRun software development tree source code can be downloaded using an application called subversion (svn). There are subversion clients for a variety of operating systems (including Linux, OSX, and Windows) available for download from

When downloading SCIRun, use an svn client that has SSL support.


The newest version of svn can be downloaded from:

Download svn-x.x.x-setup.exe (where x.x.x is the version number), and install it. A decent GUI for svn can be downloaded from


Subversion Verification


FIXME: How to verify?


To verify that the version of SVN on your system will work, in a terminal window type:

   svn --version

Then look for

   - handles 'https' schema

Using SVN

To checkout the latest (unstable) SCIRun source tree using SVN, use:

svn co

To install SCIRun go to the top level directory of the SCIRun svn download and use


Or to specify which packages are to be built:

./ --packages=SCIRun,Teem,BioPSE,MatlabInterface

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