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Installing SCIRun for Windows Binaries

The SCIRun for Windows Binaries are provided as a convenience. However, they do not support dynamic compilation, which enables more advanced features of SCIRun. We chose to not include dynamic compilation support in the installation package, since getting it functional would require nearly as much effort on the user's part as installing SCIRun from source, and since there is a bug which prevents this from being possible.

Downloading Installation Package

Download SCIRun for windows binaries from SCIRun download site. Select "Windows XP (binary)" from the list of items to download.

Installing SCIRun

Just double-click the installation file. Warning: Do not install SCIRun in a path that has multiple words (like Program Files). SCIRun currently does not work installed in directories with multiple words.

Running SCIRun

The SCIRun executable itself will be in the <install-dir>/bin/scirun.exe, and can also be run from the Start Menu in Program Files->SCI Institute->SCIRun->SCIRun. The SCIRun PowerApps are in the same directory, but not in the Start Menu. They are BioTensor.bat, BioFEM.bat, and BioImage.bat. You may use any one of these to start SCIRun.

SCIRun ships with several sample networks. You may double-click on a SCIRun network file (.srn file) and it will start SCIRun and load that network. These networks depend on our SCIRun Data download (

See CIBC:Documentation:SCIRun:UserGuide:StartingSCIRun for information on starting up networks and setting up the SCIRun environment.