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Package: BioPSE
Category: Forward
Status: Supported in latest version
Version: 3.0



CreateAnisoSphereParameters implements a four-layer anisotropic spherical volume conductor.

Detailed Description

CreateAnisoSphereParameters implements the geometry and composition of a four-layer anisotropic spherical volume conductor, resembling the human head. See CROSS REFERENCE. CreateAnisoSphereParameters provides data to other modules. For instance, due to a dipole in the innermost spere, MODULE REFERENCE and MODULE REFERENCE are used to compute the potential distribution on the outer sphere of the volume conductor.

CreateAnisoSphereParameters provides the following parameters, which can be adjusted via CreateAnisoSphereParameters's GUI:

<unorderedlist> Radii for scalp, skull, cerebrospinal fluid, and brain

Radial and tangential conductivities for scalp, skull, cerebrospinal fluid, and brain

Electrode positions where the potential distribution should be computed (on the surface of the outermost sphere)

</unorderedlist> Network "net.das" demonstrates the use of CreateAnisoSphereParameters in a network.

Schematic Representation of the Spherical Volume Conductor.

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