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SCIRun uses CMake and CTest for regression testing. CTest is CMake’s testing program. Users can submit build results and testing results to our dashboard via the ctest executable.

Different Dashboard Builds

Experimental By default no update happens. Experimental is typically used for testing if the changes were succesful, or verifying everything is working for new dashboards that are not yet tested, or for trying new features.

Nightly CTest will update to the latest nightly start time specified in your CTest configuration file as NIGHTLY_START_TIME. Assuming the nightly start time is 9pm EST and currently it is before 9pm EST, anything between 9pm EST yesterday and 9pm EST today will be updated to 9pm yesterday. This way all nightly submissions are updated to the same version of repository.

Test Systems

CIBC test machine information.

Useful build and testing tools are available in the cibcscripts repository.

Perceptual diff tool