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This is the SCIRun User's Guide. It describes the purpose and use of the SCIRun problem solving environment (PSE). This guide is for users who are building and executing networks within the SCIRun environment.

Users installing SCIRun should read the SCIRun Installation Guide.

Users of the BioTensor PowerApp should see the BioTensor tutorial.

Users of the BioFEM PowerApp should see the BioFEM tutorial.

Users of the BioImage PowerApp should see the BioImage tutorial.

Road Map

User Guide Introduction

User Guide Concepts
Introduces the concept of an integrated problem solving environment and describes how SCIRun embodies these ideas.

User Guide Packages
Gives an overview of the SCIRun and BioPSE packages.

Starting SCIRun
Outlines procedure for starting SCIRun and related information.

User Guide Working with Networks
Discusses building, editing, and executing networks.

User Guide Visualization
Describes the purpose and use of the Viewer (visualization) module.

User Guide Importing and Exporting SCIRun Data
Describes ways to import/export ``foreign data into/out of SCIRun.

User Guide Bibliography


Help is available from the following sources:

The Web

This and other documents related to SCIRun can be found on the CIBC Wiki.

Visit the SCI web site for more information related to SCIRun and the SCI Institute.

Mailing Lists

The SCIRun users mail list is a forum for discussing SCIRun related issues. Users are given the opportunity to subscribe to this list when downloading SCIRun for the first time from the software download page. Users may also subscribe by sending mail to:

with the following command in the body of the message:

subscribe scirun-users

After subscribing, questions can be sent to

The SCIRun developers list is a forum for network and module developers. To subscribe send mail to:

with the following command in the body of the message:

subscribe scirun-develop

After subscribing, questions can be sent to

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs to Bugzilla! Bugzilla accounts can be obtained by sending email to the scirun-users mailing list.

Reporting bugs to the bug database, rather than the mailing list, ensures bugs are fixed in a timely manner.

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