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Migrate Seg3D sessions to Seg3D 2

Seg3D 1.x session files are gzipped tar archives. The session file will typically contain a data volume (NRRD), a label file (NRRD), and an XML session descriptor file. Extract the all files and load the data volume and label files in Seg3D2.

After extracting the files, load the data volume in Seg3D2 first, then the label file.

Linux, OS X

Extract using tar, for example if the Seg3D 1.x session file is

 rideau:tmp aylakhan$ tar xzvf 
 x session.xml
 x label1.nrrd
 x data1.nrrd


Seg3D sessions must be opened with tools that can open gzip files. The 7-zip utility can unpack gzipped tar archives.