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Deprecated: applies to Seg3D 2.1.5 and earlier.

Building Seg3D 2.0 for Windows


The development version of Seg3D 2.0 has been tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It should not work under any older version of windows, as it depends on some features introduced under Windows XP. To function correctly, it requires a graphics card driver that supports OpenGL 2.1 or higher.

We are currently building against Qt 4.7.x.

See this page for current release build instructions.


The preferred system for building Seg3D 2.0 for Windows is using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2008 Express. The Seg3D 2.0 source code has not yet been fully tested under the new Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 compiler (We noticed some deviations from the C++ standard in earlier beta version in trying to compile the boost libraries, and to our knowledge these issues have not yet been fully addressed at his time). In order to provide Visual Studio 2010 compatibility we will wait until the boost library system is fully compatible and we will upgrade this external library to ensure 2010 compatibility.

Currently we are not planning to support any other compilers for Windows. The code should work on most compilers, but systems like the packaging and distribution system are specifically written to work with Visual Studio, hence we highly recommend this compiler as the compiler of choice for compiling Seg3D 2.0.


To build Seg3D 2.0 under Windows, you need a working version of CMake (version 2.8 or higher), a version of Subversion (svn, version 1.6 of higher) and precompiled version of the Qt libraries ( version 4.6 or higher). A prebuilt version of Qt that work with Visual Studio can be downloaded from [1]. All the other packages that are required are shipped as part of the SVN distribution of Seg3D 2.0.

Source distribution

The current development version can be found at and can be checked out using subversion.

Configuring/Building Seg3D

Use the CMakeLists.txt in the main src directory to build a solution file for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 using the CMake program. If Qt was installed correctly, the configuration system will find Qt the libraries. If it cannot find Qt, ensure that the path to qmake is set in the environment.

Debugging Seg3D

Set the Seg3D2 project in the CMake generated Seg3D2 solution as the StartUp Project.

If the Qt SDK bin directory (should look something like c:\Qt\4.7.3\bin) has not been set in the Windows system Path environment variable, then either add it to the system Path environment variable, or update the Path variable in the project properties.

To check, go to:

Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Environment Variables

If the project properties go to the Seg3D2 project Properties, make sure that the selected configuration and platform are correct, then go to:

Configuration Properties -> Debugging

The Path variable can be set in the Environment field with or without the system environment variable, for example:




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