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Seg3D 1.x OS X and Linux source builds

Seg3D version

These build instructions only apply to Seg3D 1.x.


These instructions are for building Seg3D 1.x on a OSX or Linux machine only.

  • Prerequisites
    • You must have Subversion installed to download the Seg3D source code.
    • You must have a compiler (install the XCode package from the install disks on OS X, GCC must be installed on Linux)

Build the latest release (1.12) from sources by downloading the source archive from the SCI software page.


The latest unstable development code (large download) is available from Subverions:

 svn co

Build Script

Next compile the source by typing the following:

 ./ --seg3d-only -j4

If all goes well then the script should take care of downloading and building the Insight Toolkit (ITK) and wxWidgets prerequisites.

It takes about an hour to build Seg3D on a modern machine, but your time may vary quite differently from the figure listed above. The '-j4' flag tells the machine to build with four concurrent jobs.

Note that the script is only meant for the initial build. If you make changes to the Seg3D source code you can recompile it by just typing 'make' from the bin directory.

Additional information on building Seg3D is available with the SCIRun building web pages.


OpenSuSE 11.2 prerequisites

See the SCIRun OpenSuSE prerequisites.

In addition to the SCIRun OpenSuSE RPMs, install the following:

  • gtk2-devel

Ubuntu 9.10 prerequisites

See the SCIRun Ubuntu prerequisites.

In addition to the SCIRun Ubuntu packages, install the following:

  • libgtk2.0-dev

Other Platforms

  • Information on building Seg3D on Windows platforms is also available. Unless you are adding new functionality, we strongly recommend that you download the binary builds from the SCI software site.

Running Seg3D

When the build is successful, you can find the Seg3D executable in the bin directory. On OS X, an application bundle is built and the Seg3D executable is in the bin/ directory.

To run on Linux:

 cd bin

To run on OS X:

open bin/

On OS X, the bundle can safely be moved anywhere on the machine and run from the Finder by double clicking the icon.

If you experience any errors: please send them to the Seg3D mailing list.