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Common Problems - Unix Installation

X11 Not Installed

Symptoms: The thirdparty doesn't install completely. Specifically, it probably says (at the end of the thirdparty install process) something like: tk: not_installed.

Reason: X11 development package not installed. Many times users will not have all the X11 libraries/headers installed. To see if you have them, you can usually look in /usr/X11R6/include/X11. If there are a lot of .h files there, then this may not be the cause of your problem. If not, you probably need to install the xorg-x11-devel RPM. On RedHat boxes (assuming you have paid support), this is as easy as running the command: up2date xorg-x11-devel. Under other flavors of Linux, the system management tool may help. For example, Suse uses yast2 (which should be able to get this package for you).

Packages to Install on Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an easy to use Debian based linux OS which recongnizes most hardware and often "just works" with the exception of graphics card installation(see section on main page).

It is also a minimal install and you make the the following packages may need the following packages in order to build SCIRUN.

x-libs, xlibs-dev, flex, bison, subversion, libpng, smp kernel, libxaw, libxaw-dev, libglew, lapack, blas, g77, gcc, g++, make, cmake(available in Universe)

Fortunately the synaptic package manager is an easy to use GUI for package management. For an introduction to using it see the Ubuntu help documentation for your version:

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