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Common Problems - Windows Installation

Troubleshooting SCIRun

The most common problems with running SCIRun involve not finding the correct DLLs

  1. Errors involving not being able to find one of the necessary DLLs. Double-check your path and try again
  2. Errors involving a problem with one of the DLLs that SCIRun loads. It is possible that more than one version of one of the Thirdparty DLLs in on your system, particularly with one of the more common ones like zlib1.dll and libxml2.dll. If you download the dependency walker program and run it on scirun.exe, you will be able to see where the DLL in question resides and if it is not the correct one, you will need to reorder the entries in your PATH, such that the THIRDPARTY/bin directory comes before the other ones.
  3. Viewer window not drawing anything. Make sure OpenGL is properly set up. (Check the SCIRun console for error messages, and make sure the OpenGL Version number is greater than 1.1). Please download this simple test program to make sure OpenGL is set up correctly. Unzip all files into the same directory, and run opengl-gears.exe.

Troubleshooting Seg3D

If, after starting Seg3D, nothing happens, it is due to one of two things. For the moment, neither of these errors shows you an error message, since most errors are spit out to the console and there isn't a console on windows, and we don't have an error dialog yet (it is in progress).

  1. The data directory is not in the same directory as Seg3D. You should be able to fix this by either re-downloading the binary package or recompiling Seg3D.
  2. We have seen a case, at least with a certain combination of ATI graphics card and drivers, which produces a problem: it will cause Seg3D to ignore the video driver's OpenGL and instead use the windows native OpenGL version 1.1., causing Seg3D to immediately exit. This is not common, but if it occurs, you may work around it by editing SCIRun/src/Core/Geom/, and near line 148, there are two lines:
 //int style = 0;

Change them to

 int style = 0;

And recompile. You will need to follow the installation instructions if you downloaded the binary version of Seg3D. Your window won't have a minimize, maximize, or close button, but it will work.

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