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There are a wide variety of resources to help you get started with ImageVis3D.

Found a bug? You probably want to go participate in the ImageVis3D community by reporting it!


The first place to turn to is the documentation. We supply multiple documents that cover the full gamut of use cases, from loading up your first data set to adding support for your custom file format.

Pdf logo.jpg The ImageVis3D User's Manual takes you through every aspect of the ImageVis3D user interface, and how you can use ImageVis3D to visualize your data today!
Pdf logo.jpg The Getting Data Into ImageVis3D documentation is your one-stop shop to learning everything about file formats, from which ones ImageVis3D supports -- including recommendations on what to build your pipeline around -- to how you can take advantage of the streamlined support for adding new file formats.
Pdf logo.jpg The ImageVis3D Mobile 2.0 User's Guide teaches you how to visualize your data wherever you are, from your next meeting to the next international conference.

Mailing Lists

Can't figure out how to do something in ImageVis3D from the documentation alone? Ask the ImageVis3D development team and expert users on the ImageVis3D mailing list!