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Package: Insight
Catagory: Converters
Author(s): Darby J Van Uitert
Status: Supported in latest version
Version: 3.0



Convert an image to a SCIRun field.

Detailed Description

Converts an ITK Image to a Field. If the radiobutton "Reference ITK Image Data" is selected, then the data is not copied and an ITKImageField or ITKLatVolField will result. If the "Copy Data" option is selected, the data is copied and an ImageField or LatVolField will be created. This module will convert Scalar Data Vector Data, and RGBPixel data.

Frequently Asked Questions

The field generated by this module does cause errors in a downstream module?
Although ITKImageField and ITKLatVolField mimic parts of the field data object, not every function is available in these objects and hence generating these objects will cause some modules to fail. Use the "Copy Data" option instead this should prevent some conversion options.

Known Bugs

Recent Changes

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