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Package: MatlabInterface
Category: DataIO
Author(s): Jeroen Stinstra
Status: Supported in latest version
Version: 3.0



The ExportMatricesToMatlab module saves a SCIRun matrix in a MATLAB .mat file

Detailed Description

The ExportMatricesToMatlab module exports SCIRun matrices into a MATLAB compatible .mat file. Currently this module supports the fileformat of MATLAB version 5 and higher. The module has multiple input ports that can be used to store multiple MATLAB arrays in one file. Each of these matrices can be formatted into different formats. Firstly, the datatype of the matrix can be altered. Since matrices in matlab are able to use multiple dataformats, casting the data within the module may be a convenient way of saving space. Secondly, the module has the option to export the data as a structured matrix. This has the advantage that additional properties can be exported to matlab as well. Currently this feature is only used to export the values stored in the property manager, however future version may export more properties of the SCIRun matrix object.

Setting up the GUI: Select a filename for the MATLAB file that needs to be created. You can use the BROWSE button to select an existing file.Setup the format of each matrix and change the names of the matrices to the ones you want to use in MATLAB. Execute the module and the file will be written.

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