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Package: MatlabInterface
Catagory: DataIO
Author(s): Jeroen Stinstra
Status: Supported in latest version
Version: 3.0



The ImportBundlesFromMatlab module reads a matrix from a MATLAB .mat file and exports it as a bundle

Detailed Description

This module reads a N-dimensional matrix from MATLAB .mat files and exports this matrix as a Bundle object. Currently only files from matlab version 5 and higher are supported by this module. The module reads dense matrices of any of the supported data classes in matlab (short, int, double, etc.). Sparse matrices however are not supported by this module. Use the MODULE REFERENCE module to read sparse matrices. In order to facilitate the selection process the module will list all matrices in the file that are compatible with the SCIRun Bundle class and will select the most obvious one as a default.

Follow the next two steps in order to setup the GUI properly: Choose the MATLAB file that contains the matrix data. You can either use the BROWSE button to select a file or enter the filename in the filename entry on top of the GUI and press the OPEN button to list the contents of the file in the listbox in the center of the GUI.

Next the MATLAB matrices in the file need to be connected to an output port. In order to do this click on one of the PORT buttons and then select the MATLAB matrix you want to load on that outport. Note that for convenience the first suitable matrix in the file is automatically connected to port 1, when a MATLAB file is opened. Hence, if your file only contains one field, you can skip this step as the matrix will be selected automatically.

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