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Package: BioPSE
Category: LeadField
Author(s): David Weinstein
Status: Supported in latest version
Version: 3.0



This module calculated the lead field matrix for a potential based forward problem using Finite Element formulations.

Detailed Description

BuildElemLeadField inputs a mesh to use for FEM, a mapping matrix for the source mesh to the volume mesh and a FE matrix and iterates through the source nodes to determine the lead field matrix to solve the forward/inverse solution for the two geometries. This module collects the solution vectors for the point source input (value of 1 on the point of interest with 0 elsewhere) for each point in the source mesh and provides the lead field matrix. This matrix can then be used to calculate the forward/inverse problem A x = b, where A is the lead field matrix, x is the source data, and b is the recording data.

This module is one of the few that allows, and requires, a looped input. To use this module, see the example included with the BioPSE package (SCIRun/src/Packages/BioPSE/nets/Samples/build-fem-elem-leadfield.srn).

There are some similar examples in the ECG Foward/Inverse Toolkit included in SCIRun.

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