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Package: BioPSE
Category: Forward
Author(s): Lorena Kreda
Status: Supported in latest version
Version: 3.0



This modules generates EIT electrode information for 2D models as two vectors containing electrode parameter values.

Detailed Description

Electrode properties are created through the GUI. Change the number of electrodes, type of electrode model (Gap or continuum model), electrode length, and the boundary node index for the first electrode using the GUI.

Output port 0, "Electrode Parameters", will send a 4x1 column vector containing exactly the values fed into the GUI, in the same order:

  1. model number (0=Continuum, 1=Gap)
  2. number of electrodes
  3. electrode length
  4. boundary node index for start of first electrode

Output port 1, "Current Pattern Index Vector", will send a Nx1 column vector containing [1,2,3,...,N], where N+1 = the number of electrodes input above. The reason is the current pattern index is 1-based, and there are (number of electrodes - 1) unique current patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Known Bugs

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