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Package: SCIRun
Category: NewField
Author(s): Michael Callahan
Status: Supported in latest version
Version: 3.0



Clip a scalar field to a specified isovalue.

Detailed Description

The ClipVolumeByIsovalueWithRefinement module is used to clip a TetVol or TriSurf field along a particular isovalue. The isovalue is specified by the entry in the GUI. The new field can contain either the values less than or greater than the isovalue, as selected by the user.

In order to compute where the cuts are to be made, the input field must contain scalar values at the nodes. If the input field contains element centered data then either just use MODULE REFERENCE to determine which elements to keep or interpolate the elements onto a node-centered field.

Only TetVol and TriSurf fields are supported by this general clipping. Other fields should be converted into these types if they are to be clipped. See MODULE REFERENCE, MODULE REFERENCE, and MODULE REFERENCE for an idea of how to do this conversion.

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