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Package: SCIRun
Category: DataIO
Author(s): Jeroen Stinstra
Status: Supported in latest version
Version: 3.0



ReadFieldArray allows the user to load any of the SCIRun supported FieldArray file types and then sets that field array in the module's output port.

Detailed Description

Upon opening, the ReadField GUI defaults to reading a single file in the directory where the user's SCIRun executable resides or in the user set SCIRun Data path, but also allows the user to navigate to the directory that the user sets for their SCIRUN_DATA environment variable through the Directory widget.

The only file type is "*.flda".

FieldArray files are similar to field files, but there can be multiple sets of data assigned to one or more geometries. This data type is meant to handle times series data.

If the user attempts to read in a file other than a field array file type, or uses an incorrect file format, an error message will be logged on the SCIRun module. Clicking the Set button will load the file. Clicking the Execute button will send the loaded field downstream if other modules are connected to the ReadField module's output port.

The Time Series tab allows the user to load files numbered sequentially with a common basename with an optional delay. The playback controls allow the user to play through the files, or step forward and backwards.

See also ReadField and WriteFieldArray.

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